My Interview With Julian Black

Here is my interview with Julian Black! I had a lot of fun getting to know him by asking these questions and I hope you all enjoy it as well.

Name : Julian Black 
Please tell us a little bit about yourself ?.  I have grown up finding life extremely difficult in fact I have found planet earth very overwhelming and suffocating . I did not function like other people and I have always known I was different and of course so did other people . I found it very hard in fact Impossible to make friends and I was very much a loner and Isolated and I was petrified of my own shadow and I hid away from the world . As I got older all of this Isolation and fear got the better of me and the fear turned to driven fear . As human beings we are social animals and we enjoy having friends and being intimate with people and doing social things I was petrified of living and I hid away from blooming as a human being and finding out about myself and my Identity . I did not think anything of myself so why should other people I became a door mat for everybody and I felt a constant laughing stock and Invisible to the world . Everybody else was growing into life whilst my life was buried and constantly full of fear . I spent years in and out of therapy as therapy was my only release from maybe heading for a nervous breakdown . I then found creative writing or developed it as it has always been there since I was a child . I wrote about characters that mirrored my own life mostly in fearful situations as I lived in fear constantly growing up and to write about stories that were very personal to me gave me so much joy as it was a release from so much inner pain in my traumatic life . I can go as far as saying that my writing has given me a wall to lean on on so many personal levels and even to the point of keeping me alive .

What genre you write ? . I write about LGBTQ + Stories and humanity .

What is your writing Process like ? . I walk a lot as I find walking very therapeutic ( when I have the time as of late ) , I tend to get a story in my head as I am walking or a story will just suddenly appear in my head . I will not forget the Idea for that story and I will straight away make notes or get out my little laptop and I will start developing it so that the Idea is on paper for me to develop . The story will take me about two to three weeks to finish . Again the story is always personal to me so if something traumatic happens in my life I will make a story out of it somehow . I always feel better after starting a story creativity makes me feel good about myself . It has been a godsend . 

Who / what Inspires you ?. 
My own life really . I always say I have done nothing with my life over the past twenty seven years but on the other hand it makes for a very Interesting read . My life has recently been called a fascinating history because you could say I am unique not many live or have lived like I have . I have been driven by constant fear nearly all of my life and it’s been horrible for me as you can Imagine . I have put my life into words and what can I say people find it very sad but very fascinating . My life has been no blank space it could have been but I wanted my life to help other people who maybe are driven by fear . We live in a very scary world and we can allow fear to overwhelm us and it’s a horrible emotion to have . 
Do you have any advice for other Authors ?. 
Write what you know . Find something in your own life that you can get a story from . Mine was driven fear and developing characters around the emotion of fear . Just start a couple of paragraphs and develop it into something unique . It will give you so much confidence and self worth . It’s an escape from reality using your creative Juices it’s very emotionally tiring and time consuming but so worth it in the end . It’s a great feeling when you have finished a story that means so much to you . Never give up just keep on writing and keep on writing maybe even keep a journal just never give up and keep doing it everyday . 
What are your favourite books or Authors ?. 
I read all sorts really I enjoy biography’s and Memoirs and true life stories . I wish more people would write their memoirs but unfortunetly lots of people are very private . We could all help each other by sharing our life stories . 
Is writing your full time career ? . 
No not at all . I have made no money from writing in fact I have spent more on getting published then I have from any royalties . My books are very personal to me and it has done my self worth so much good to see my books published and out there for people to read . To me it’s not about the money it’s about writing stories that mirror my own life and I can share this with the world . Nobody wanted to publish my work so I never gave up and I spent my own hard earned money on self publishing and marketing . If I was famous or I had famous parents then publishers would be chasing me but I am just the average Joe and getting a traditional publisher was asking the Impossible . I find this very unfair but celebrity gets you everywhere . I have for many years now been a pot washer and cleaner what can I say it pays the bills . 
Are you published ?. 
Yes all of my books are self published . You can find all of my work on my website :
Where do you see yourself in five years ?. 
I hope to see just one of my books turned into some sort of a movie and I hope to have some Involvement in the film Industry . It would be a dream come true for me . I have always had a passion for the film Industry . Story telling is just magical . 
What is the best writing advice you have ever received ? . 
Never give up on your dreams . Dreams could become a reality . 

Links or websites .
I am on FACEBOOK , TWITTER , INSTAGRAM under julian Black just look for the Logo of my books and click . 

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